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3 Nuggets That Will Definitely Lead To More Traffic Flow To Your Website!

The internet is filled with millions of websites for everyone and anyone. One of the most common frustrations that a website owner or blogger faces is the lack of traffic. The internet is attention economy and the more attention you get, the better. If you don’t get traffic, your website will be sitting in some obscure corner of the internet without getting any attention. Getting traffic is not an easy task, if you need it, you need to earn it. Thus, it is very important that you put in efforts and develop a strategy that drives the right kind of traffic to your website. Today we dish out 3 important nuggets that you must follow to make sure that the investment you make in your website reaps benefits.

Blog all the way

One of the best ways to get repeat visitors is to have something new to show them every time they visit. Have an amazing blog for your website and feed it at regular intervals. Don’t let every post be about a new client or product only. Make it interesting for the reader. Ponder over the question, “what’s in it for me?” from the point of view of the reader and you will know what you should be writing to generate and maintain interest. Have a tab that allows subscription. This will help you get repeated visitors who are a sure-shot way to get business. Keep people interested in your business by feeding into their curiosity and making them think.

Social media to your advantage

The boom of social media has brought along many boons and banes. One of the boons is that, it is easier to spread your word around. The bane is that social media suffers from the lacuna of out of sight, out of mind. Hence, it is important that you develop a clever strategy and be seen at the right time and the right place. Start by having a presence on all social networks. Link these accounts with your blog. Share your posts regularly and as and when you post them. You can use SEO tools and browser extensions to gauge the reach your posts have and if they are reaching the right kind of audience. These are sure-shot ways to increase traffic to your website and that too in a short while.

Widen your base

One of the effective ways to widen your reach is by getting involved in discussions and making yourself known to other bloggers. Find out forums and blogs related to your niche and comment on them. Try to be regular and make personal contact with other bloggers and users. While browsing through forums , you might come across questions related to your expertise. If you answer them well, you are sure to grab the attention of the person seeking an answer. You can also cater to the audience of other blogs by writing high quality guest posts that can be published on leading blogs. The quality has to be great only then will the leading bloggers consider posting the posts on their blogs. You get to share your knowledge and also interact with an audience base directly.

These 3 nuggets, if followed to the t, will definitely fetch you the kind of response you desire. In no time, you will see your page views, ranks and followers increasing. It requires dedication and creativity, but the response will surely be worth it!


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