Jun 29

A Useful Article On How To Stop Blushing Inspired By Jim Baker

How can I stop blushing?

I asked myself this very question every day because I would blush at some point every day. I used to blush at work, I used to blush when socialising, my face used to go red pretty much everywhere I went but it only happened when trying to interact with other people I didn’t know very well.

I would come home from work feeling thoroughly miserable and reliving the memory of blushing at work earlier in the day, the more I thought about blushing at work the more fed up I would become and the more anxious I would become about going back to work the next day to face the people that made me go red in the first place!, it was a never ending cycle, the only time I felt at ease was when I was sat indoors and not seeing anybody, I used to wish for a miracle cure to stop blushing.

My wife tried to understand my problem but it was hard for her to understand as she was so outgoing and could speak to anybody. My problem was I found it hard to speak to anyone for fear of blushing, I would avoid all social situations, especially at work, I would avoid talking to people, then I would feel like people were talking about me for being quiet, I thought that they thought I was a bit weird.

If you are terrified of blushing (like I was) then the mere thought of blushing makes the attacks even more intense, and all you want to do is get out of the situation you are in and do a runner to somewhere safe where nobody can see you.

When you come to realise that the first step to stop facial blushing is to stop being afraid of facial blushing, and the first step to stop being afraid of blushing is to understand blushing.

So if you want to STOP blushing and start living as normal a life as possible then you will need to understand why you blush. You are going to find out how to educate yourself to stop blushing and conquer your blushing and social anxiety fears.

I highly recommend downloading Jim Bakers Blushing Breakthrough ebook, it really helped me and it will really help you to. Start living the life you want without the feeling of shyness and social anxiety.

Follow Jim Bakers instructions exactly how he has written them down and you will soon find yourself on the way to a shyness free life and say goodbye to those awful depressing feelings of worthlessness and frustration.

Blushing is a natural reaction, you just need to know how to control it and not think too much about it.

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