May 16

Club Asteria Empower People.

Club Asteria, founded by Managing Director Andrea Lucas, is a Global Membership Organization that provides education, training, resources and innovative programs to empower its membership. Harnessing the power of the internet, creativity of its leadership and incredible support of its members, the fight to end the cycle of poverty is well underway.
With over 220,000 members worldwide in under a year, the growth of Club Asteria has been phenomenal. Its purpose and mission ignites the fire and passion of people worldwide—by providing income and growth opportunities to members and encouraging a culture of sharing.
Club Asteria has been able to also provide donations to global non-forprofit organizations we partner with, identified below. Already this year we have funded over 200 micro loans to small business owners all over the world. Our philosophy of “sharing the wealth” has made measurable, real changes in lives across the globe.
Through these philanthropic efforts, we have made an immediate difference for struggling individuals, families and communities by focusing on improving nutrition, housing, health care and education. In addition, we promote self-sufficiency through entrepreneurship, education, e-commerce solutions and micro-finance.
Club Asteria helps others help themselves. Likewise, we foster opportunities for members to complete the cycle and help others less fortunate than they are.


We give free members everything they need to get started and make money, including:

• A personalized website.

• Products and services to resell.

• Full access to our Global Forum.

• Discounts on shopping and travel packages.

• Cost-free access to basic business education.

• Additional access to world-class advanced business training and personal development programs at significant discounts. As far as we know, Club-Asteria is the only program that actively offers no cost memberships that give all this to those in dire need. This allows even the poorest people to support themselves and their family with dignity, from anywhere in the world.

Our Premium Membership levels provide additional benefits to help you jump start your business and start earning more money, faster. Only Premium Members get our ongoing coaching, counseling, training, educational programs and special products and services you can use to improve yourself and resell for profit.

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For only 9,95$ per month Silver Members get everything free members receive PLUS:

• Expanded access to our huge online educational library, with live webinars and entrepreneur programs to help you grow your business faster!

• Earn commissions from our affiliate marketing programs in addition to your own product and service sales… so you can make money even if you don’t make a sale!

• Earn 4,5$ per month, every month for each new member you refer for as long as they remain a member, year after year. There is NO LIMIT to how many people you can earn this for! This gives you a residual lifetime income that grows and grows with each New Member

GOLD MEMBERSHIP (The Best Solution).

For only 19,95$ per month Gold Members get even MORE member benefits:

• Unlimited Use of our entire educational library, webinars, and training programs ….absolutely everything you need to succeed!

• Full 100% FREE Access to our entire Club-Asteria Business & Personal Growth Library – OVER 10,000 e-Books, CDs, Tapes, Videos, Educational Seminars, Software, Audio Recordings, Detailed Reports and Systems you can download for yourself OR RESELL for more money! (ONLY Gold Members have these Special Resell Rights).

• Earn 9$ per month, every month for each new member you refer for as long as they remain a member, year after year. There is NO LIMIT to how many people you can earn this for! This gives you a residual lifetime income that grows and grows with each New Member.

• Drive hundreds of customers and prospects to your Club-Asteria website every month with our fully automated lead capture and marketing system — so you don’t have to worry about finding buyers!

• Our Automated Business Management & Online Marketing Program can promote your business to build a HUGE customer base FAST … that buys from you again and again!

• Your own personal Electronic E-Wallet so you can manage and transfer funds easily from anywhere in the world, without high charges and conversion fees from unknown sources

• Be part of our Forum and become a trusted member of our global community. Meet and communicate with thousands of like-minded individuals around the world and let your voice be heard!


Earn 1.600$ per month + 9$ per month for every active referral.


Only 19,95$ per month.

NO EXCUSE ….JOIN NOW: Club-Asteria

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