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Do You Need To Have Your Own Web Site To Earn Affiliate Advertising Income?

A standard debate in the online world revolves around whether or not you must have your own web site to make affiliate advertising income. This article will discuss the two contrasting viewpoints on this subject and you can then determine what will work best for you.

1. You are able to, for certain, get paid affiliate marketing income without having your own website. The following are many examples of how you are able accomplish this.

You can focus on growing a mailing list and then sell your merchandise to people on that list. If you purchase co-registration leads, then you are able grow your list while not using a landing page or any alternative form of web site.

The co-registration lead company can grow your list automatically by putting the new customers directly into your autoresponder. Once this is done, you can build relationships with these subscribers by following up frequently.

As you grow these relationships, your trustworthiness and reputation will increase. Now it will be easier to make affiliate advertising revenue as you can direct your customers to an affiliate sales page. They will be extra likely to buy because you have pre-sold them already by sending them regular email messages thru your autoresponder.

Another method to earn affiliate marketing commissions without using a website is to use direct methods for advertising your products. A few examples of this may be using traffic exchanges, buying banner ad space or using Net based classified ads.

Once you determine how much you have to spend to create a specific amount of commissions, it becomes merely a numbers game. You can now step up your advertising spending since you have got a reasonable idea about how much you used to spend to create a specific quantity of profit.

Okay let’s look at several samples of how you can use your own website to earn affiliate advertising revenue.

When you’ve got your own website, you’re in complete control of every one of the components. If you wish, you can build review pages of assorted affiliate products and promote them like that. In this way, you are able pre sell your visitors on a product before you redirect them to the affiliate sales page.

Blogging is an added approach that people use to create affiliate marketing revenue with their own website. Several individuals who create a blog will attach it to their web host so that the blog posts facilitate the search engine rankings for his or her website. You are able monetize your blog by putting Google Adsense, affiliate links, banner ads and those sorts of things into your blog sidebars.

If you want, you can build landing pages, position them on your internet hosting account and then promote them to build your opt in list. The bottom line is that having your own website will offer you some extra flexibility to carry out additional things.

Whether you make a decision to work with a website or not to earn affiliate advertising revenue comes down to your own choice. It really depends on what you wish to accomplish plus what techniques of on-line promotion you’re happy functioning with.

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