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Email List Building Strategies

If you’re going to be successful in internet marketing, you need to build a list. It’s the one thing above all else that matters most. Because you can market to your list whenever you want. It’s like a renewable resource that allows you to make money on demand.

OK, but how?

Here are the three components of list building:

  • Your Landing Page
  • The Incentive
  • The Thank You Page

Your Landing Page – Your opt-in page is the page you send visitors to to build your list. This page is the one that asks them for their email. That’s why it needs to look like a professionally designed page. It’s also got to be free from distractions. You’ve also got to make a strong “close”.

Failure to include a great “call to action” will result in failure. This is a definitive message that tells your visitor what to do. You opt-in rates will take a dramatic nose dive without it. Oddly, if you don’t make it clear, people will be confused and end up doing nothing.

If you want to add some extra juice to your opt-in page add a video to it. This will grab your visitors attention and keep it. It also allows you to tell them what to do several times. Then at the end of the video you can print “sign up now” on the video.

Now, don’t worry if you have no idea how to make videos. Hiring out-sourced help to do it for you only costs $150 – $250. There are also list building systems that include video squeeze pages.

The Incentive – The next thing you need is an incentive to subscribe to your list. You have to give people a compelling reason to give your their email. Nobody likes spam, so most people guard their email closely. So you have to give them a good reason to do it.

You have to provide value in your bribe for it to be good. That means you make it something people would actually want to receive. And something from which they can derive a benefit. A few ideas:

  • A PDF report
  • Software
  • A video tutorial
  • A multi-part email series

Basically, you just need some content. And make it both helpful and informative. And nothing sells like “free”. But to get the email, it’s got to be a good offer.

Once again, don’t worry if you don’t know how to create the freebie. Here again, you can hire freelancers to create this for you. Simply tell them what the topic is and they can write the content. For example, you could have them write a 5-part email course. Each email will cost between $20 and $25. So, a great premium will cost you around $100 – $150.

Or again, you can find complete list building packages for sale online that include an email series. Two things to keep in mind when writing (or buying) and email training series. First of all it has to give the subscriber what you promised – valuable information. And second, it needs to make you money. The easiest way to do this is to market affiliate products in the emails. Affiliate products are easy because you don’t have to do anything at all. And make money right away from your list.

Your Confirmation Page – The last bit is the thank you page. After subscribing to your list, your visitor is redirected to this page. It’s nice to give them some great content right away. This helps them feel they’ve made the right decision giving you their email. And it helps you establish the relationship. So when they get your email, they’re happy to hear from you.

You can use a “done for you” email marketing system. Or you can go the DIY route. You can either write the content pages on your own. Or pay a freelancer to write the content for you.

In closing

Whether you decide to build your email funnel yourself. Or hire someone else to do it for you. Or if sign up for a “complete package” solution. It’s just important that you start today building your opt-in list. Because once its built… You’re free to make money at the push of a button.

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