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Four Of The Best Social Media Platforms For Designers.

Whether you design interior décor, such as window treatments, or you are an interior designer who creates entire spaces, getting your name and your products out there is the first step to making it big in the interior design industry. If you are searching for ways to make yourself known so that you can make more money, develop a positive reputation in your area, and attain more recognition from more customers, you should be using the power of the Internet to help you. And social media is one major facet of the Internet today that you should be utilizing in order to really promote your company and your talents.

Continue reading for four of the best social media platforms that designers should be using if they want to become more successful in their chosen field.


Dribbble is a great way to showcase the work that you create as a designer. The site is an invite-only site, so it allows only the best of the best to get on their and show off their latest projects. In addition to showing off your art, you can also take inspiration from fellow designers. And with such a great community of like-minded and creative individuals, it’s a great place to find colleagues with whom you can collaborate. The only drawback is that customers themselves may not know about the site to go and look for you on it, but if you refer clients to other designers, they may return the favor.


Yet another site where you can post your portfolio of designs and accomplishments is Design:Related. It’s another invitation-only site that creates a community of like-minded professionals who can look for inspiring ideas and guidance from one another without having to constantly feel competitive. Networking is a great way to get your name out there in the world of interior design, so using a social media website like this one can help you land a great gig and the recognition you deserve.


DesignersCouch is a great place to read up on interesting articles related to design, as well as post your portfolio for others to see. But it is yet another invitation-only community of professionals, so it may be a little difficult to get onto it at first. If you are hoping to network with other designers, though, this is a great place to start.


The Behance network is another great place to post your portfolio for all to see in order to increase your exposure. The community on the site is very large and very active, so you can look forward to positive feedback and constructive criticism on your work, and you will also have the opportunity to ask fellow professionals plenty of questions. You can even look for employment right on Behance.

Finding the best social media sites for designers can be a little tricky at first. In addition to using the typical sites, like Twitter and Facebook, you can look into sites that cater specifically to designers like you.

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