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Four Reasons Why Your Business Needs A Company Brochure And How To Create A Great One

A lot of small businesses underestimate the importance of a company brochure. They think that the cost of having a brochure designed and printed is prohibitive and, as a result, don’t bother. But although online marketing is important, so too are the traditional ways of getting your company’s name out there into the big wide world. So before you dismiss the notion of having a brochure printed, find out why you need a company brochure and how to go about creating a great one.

Four Reasons Why You Need a Company Brochure

  1. Build credibility – Having a brochure your customers can hold in their hand helps to establish credibility in the market place. Any one-horse outfit can have some cheap business cards printed, but only legitimate businesses tend to go to the expense of having brochures printed.
  2. Spread the word – If you keep a stack of brochures handy at all times, you can hand them out whenever the need arises. Should you meet a potential customer, give them a brochure containing further information about your business and how you can help them.
  3. Brochures are easy to read – Online marketing materials are great, but a lot of people prefer to read information printed on paper or card. By only having an online brochure, you are alienating a percentage of your potential customers, which could prove fatal.
  4. Tradeshows and networking events – Printed brochures are perfect for handing out at networking events and trade shows. Have a pile on your stand and give them out to all and sundry at the same time as you give them a sales pitch. It will be a winning combination.

Top Tips for Creating a Great Brochure People Will Read

Thanks to the wonders of desktop publishing, pretty much anyone with computer skills and a decent printer can create a brochure for their small business. However, cheap is not necessarily cheerful if you are hoping to build credibility in your chosen marketplace, so here are a few essential tips for creating a memorable brochure.

  • Create an inspiring front cover – The more interesting your front cover is, the more likely readers will delve inside.
  • Use good quality card – Cheap card and poor quality printing will do nothing to enhance your business’s reputation.
  • Aim for consistency across the board – Make sure your logo and content matches that on your website and any other marketing materials, online and offline.
  • Keep information succinct and easy to read – Potential clients don’t want to have to wade through dozens of pages of highly technical information. They simply want the key facts.
  • Smaller is better – small brochures are cheaper to post
  • Proof read all content carefully – nothing kills credibility faster than some unfortunate typos and grammatical errors.

If money is tight, it is possible to design and print a good quality marketing brochure for a small business, but if you want a professional looking company brochure, it is a better idea to engage the services of a graphic designer.

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