Nov 29

How To Earn Profit By Posting Articles On Your Website – Part 4: The Problem With Utilizing Free Article Content

Frequently, website owners will go to free article directories and select a number of of those articles to use on their own website as a tactic to increase visits and earn money. This is mainly important for those who have just started operating as an affiliate for several companies and do not thus far have any financial support, but need to construct simple niche sites so that they can commence creating profit.

If you do not have an operating budget, this might be the only method for you to proceed although it is surely not the top method to build up your business website and proceeds. There are a small amount of possible reasons why this may be damaging to your business growing efforts. Below are a few of those reasons.

Problem #1 – Search Engines

The search engines are totally good at finding duplicate information and they will every time provide weak rankings to sites with a large amount of duplicated information. The more websites that share your information, the less it will aid you pull off top search engine rankings.

It is vital to achieve good rankings from the search engines. A top ranking will guarantee that you acquire a lot of visitors coming to your site and for that reason a lot of click throughs on your affiliate links. If you cannot even obtain traffic, then you will never create a revenue. One of your highest marketing priorities for your website must be to work hard at seach engine optimization so that you will place high for keyword phrase searches.

Problem #2 – Getting visitors to click

Even though getting your website high on search engine result pages and acquiring site customers is hard work, unfortunately this is only half of the struggle. You will want to make certain that a certain percentage of these people will in fact click on your affiliate links. If your visitors find the same content they have viewed on a multitude of other sites, they will be least prone to click on your links. The motive for this is that people want to trust you and in addition have the sentiment that you are knowledgable on your topic matter before they will buy through you.

If your information is just duplicated from different websites, you will be uncovered as somebody who does not in fact know what they are talking about and as a result will not look heavily on your product recommendations. Whenever visitors land on a duplicated site such as this, they are much less apt to click through on your affiliate links.

Problem #3 – Writer Resource Boxes

Most free of charge content is only provided to you if you consent to place the author’s resource box underneath the article (you may get into danger if you attempt to exploit it without following the specific rules). The problem with this scenario is that, in general, an author’s resource box will include their own clickable links. Whenever a customer gets completed reading a very interesting article, there is a great chance that they will click on the author’s resource box link rather than your own affiliate links. This is in reality a big reason why an author will write articles and supply them to article directories. As their articles get picked up by different websites over time, they will get more and more click throughs as a result of the resource box link. Utilizing this sort of information might mean shooting yourself in the foot and losing possible profitable website customers.

If you glance at these three challenges as a whole, you will recognize that using no cost website content via article directories is not such a great idea in the long run. While it may be the only choice for a few, if you have the funds to acquire your own unique information, then you should go this direction. If you do not possess extra working capitol, it may be a superior idea to figure out the proper way to create your own articles and then hire out the writing later, if you desire, when you start earning profit.

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