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How To Effectively Promote Your Office Design Business Using Social Media

If you run an interior design business that focuses in on clients who need the most spectacular office spaces brought to life in order to attract and retain customers and create a real brand image for themselves that’s unforgettable, you should be using social media to target your niche market and get the clients that you need. Not sure how to use social media to your advantage? Continue reading to learn some tips to help get you started.

Post Plenty of Pics to Pinterest

Designers and artists of all kinds should definitely make it a point to create a Pinterest profile that they can use to promote their blog entries and their past projects in an attempt to get more visitors to their websites and more clients in their calendars. Pinterest is a social media site that focuses on images of beautiful things that inspire you. When you see these images, you want the items advertised in them for yourself, and that’s how businesses are able to increase their sales. So start a Pinterest account and start posting pics of all of your past projects. Before-and-after photographs are a great way to show potential new customers what you are really capable of.

Keep Tweeting Every Day

Hop on Twitter every day in order to keep pumping out tweets that provide helpful tips to those who follow you and want to design incredible office spaces of their own. However, make sure you use Twitter not only to dole out advice and make yourself an expert in your field but also to drive people to your website, blog, and other social media pages where you’re promoting your work. This is a great way to connect not only with other professionals with whom you can network and exchange ideas, but also to clients in your area who view you as an inspirational and creative person they want to hire.

Start Conversations on Facebook

The great thing about having a Twitter and a Facebook account is the fact that you can set them up to feed into one another. Therefore, you can have your Facebook status updates feed automatically into Twitter, linking back to your Facebook post. And the same happens when you post a tweet, as it will feed onto Facebook. This is a great way to cross-promote your business on both social media pages while hitting audiences on both platforms with the same information. Just make sure you use Facebook to actively engage your customers in stimulating conversations about design, as you aren’t limited to character counts like you are on Twitter. And don’t forget to share your modern office design ideas with your target audience via Facebook, where they can access links to photos and videos of what you do.

There are so many great ways to use social media to promote any type of business, including an office design company. If you use sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest to your advantage, you can easily score more clients and earn more income.

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