Aug 09

How To Get Free Traffic To Your Website

The best source to get more traffic to your website for free is through high search engine ranking. High search engine ranking for some related search terms will increase your targeted website traffic and generate more traffic and high quality hits to your website.

To increase website traffic to your website or blog you need to be found online in some way, generally there are few ways that could help you get found, one of them search engines, but it’s not simple, the other way is by having a link to your website in other website so people arriving to that web-page will find your link and click it to reach your website.

There are great free ways to increase website traffic with only finding the good resource and how to do it information then spending some time and effort to go through the strategy. present some great marketing strategies for it’s members and readers and we strongly recommend this resource for great information.

The best source of traffic is search engines, that people use to find exactly what they seek online, they simply write a phrase on the search box and hit search, then they generally start by visiting the first result, If they found what they seek they will stop searching, but if not they will go to the next result and so on. But researches show that people normally will not go to the next results page, only a 5% of web surfers will try the second result page to see some more results. Most of them if they were not satisfied with the results in the first page will change the search term, some even try more and more related terms to see more information and more variations.

So if you can get your website to show at least in the first page of search engines results pages (SERPs), this way you can generate high amount of traffic to your website, and increase this traffic with the time. You need to get to the first SERPs for at least one configuration of keywords that will be related to your website niche. To find some phrases people use to find related information to yours, simply use a tool like Google keyword tool, and find out some keywords people use in the search box to reach related websites.

But to get to search engines first results you need to optimize your website to the search engines, and gain more popularity and authority so search engines list your website as first on the search engines. To do so you need to go through two very important and connected steps. The first one is to optimize the page itself to be keyword targeted and search engine and user friendly.

Go to to learn some basics on SEO and link building information. In their Link Building Strategies they discussed great and high quality Link Building Strategies that each can increase your website traffic directly.

The second step is to start gaining votes for your website popularity and authority, this votes are links from different sites pointing to your website. We call this step as link building or link developing. And the more backlinks you get the higher you will rank in the search engines.

But on the internet there is no democracy, not all votes are equal, the more important the website that vote for you the higher value the vote get.

A link from high popularity and authority website could worth a 1000 links from low popularity website.

So to get starting as fast as possible and to get more traffic to your website for free through search engine ranking, You need to pick a good easy to compete with keywords, optimize your website to that keyword and start building some quality backlinks to your page with the keyword in the anchor text.

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