Jun 11

How to Learn from Successful Marketers and Get Your Own Six Figure Salary

We all want to make money on the Internet in an ideal world, right?


But is there anything we can do to cut the steep learning curve and make money sooner rather than later? The first thing we could do is get a mentor but I know the majority of the really good mentors charge fees that are off the scale for many just starting out. If you can afford it go for it, as it would be an investment that would repay itself over and over. But if you can´t afford it, then you can learn from the masters in other ways.


Pick a marketer you really admire, you are bound to have a couple of their products already, so study those products, their style and define what it is you really like about the product. Do this with their websites, newsletters and any information you can find on the net by doing a search on them.  Learn as much as you can about them and take copious notes.


Now repeat this process with your own online business. Then you can do this with other favorite Internet Marketers and take the best of the best tactics and incorporate these in your offerings. Remember to put your own spin on things and not to copy word for word as this would be just plain wrong.

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Internet Marketing forums are a great place to learn from successful marketers, many of these forums have a number of gurus participating, making it easier for you to contact them, interact with them and request their help.


Using forums is a good way of finding a potential mentor to help you through the good, the bad and ugly times.  Using leverage you could request their help and they could get a cut of the profits when you are successful. After all they will help you make the money that keeps the Internet Marketing world go round and round.


Should you not be successful in finding a mentor quickly, don´t worry you still can do well by searching for accountability partners or Mastermind Groups. An accountability partner would be someone that you stay in contact with regularly, preferably each week, so you can set tasks for each other and accomplish more with each other’s support as you are literally accountable to each other, hence the name.


Mastermind Groups, on the other hand, are a group of people supporting each other, bouncing ideas off each other, offering advice and finding solutions to problems.  They usually have a mix of people from newbie’s to highly successful Internet entrepreneurs.  The best thing about them is you have a collective mindset rather than just your overloaded brain.  Mastermind groups are also a breeding ground for potential joint venture partners, mentors and cyber friends for life.


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