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How To Learn Reiki And Become A Reiki Master

Reiki is a physical and spiritual curing practice that aids people solve health related problems and aids to get stress management in their lives. Reiki has been used for curing since the end of the last century, but it is still becoming very popular these days. Below you will see the steps to be taken if you want to master Reiki and become a Reiki Guru.

There are three levels of Reiki that should be finalised just to become a Reiki Guru.

First Degree of Reiki
In the first degree you will find out about the principle of Reiki’s work. Itís historical background and different types of Reiki systems that are practiced these days. You will also be dabbled into Reiki and gain your first energy practice of attunement.

With Reiki Attunement, above all learn how line up with Reiki energy and apply it for physical and emotional healing and means of managing stress. This undertaking usually involves lying on your stomach or back, when Master touches you from head to toes, affecting every chakra spots. The energy goes via the Masterís hands into your body.

Though lots of training offered via home courses and internet courses, you should get your Reiki Attunement through Master personally if you want to comprehend Reiki in a proper way. After you have learned Reiki by yourself, you will start learning how to give other people Reiki healing.

Second Level of Reiki
In this degree of Reiki you will expand your initial experience. You will get to know more about distance healing as well. It involves channeling Reiki energies to someone in a different place. There is different type of energy vibration with this type of Reiki. It has a bigger amount of energy from the spring and a lower energy of Chi in comparison to the First Degree level. Where the First Degree level offers mostly physical healing, the Second Degree level distributes healing on a mental, emotional and spiritual level.

Guru/Teacher Reiki or Third Degree Level
In the Master or Third Level of Reiki, you will get to know how to apply Reiki signs and their meanings. You will also get to know how to apply different methods of stress management. You will learn more about mantras and how they affect people so that you can teach others. You will be able to perform Reiki Attunements.

There are various workshops, offline and online to aid you learn Reiki. There are also places you can go to and get a great Reiki experience, such as Arizona, Bell Rock or Sedona. You can go to any of these places for gaining Reiki experience and develop your spirit so that you can feel its power.

Practically all of us have at least once heard of reiki healing. But have you ever thought that there are reiki training courses? Moreover, one can even receive online reiki training.

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