May 25

Is Google’s AdSense Affiliate Marketing?

When it comes to affiliate marketing, you’ll find that this is just one of the many methods of advertising and selling. Basically, what you do is use the internet to help market and advertise your products. This is a very cost-friendly way of getting creative with adverting. You’ll also find that you will be able to pinpoint many of your target markets without discriminating another.





In this way of business you will use blogs, emails, and even direct selling sites to help you to advertise and also push the quality of your products. You’ll want to consider that the while point of affiliate marketing is so that you can get your products noticed or increase exposure. You’ll want to consider that there are many ways that you will be able to use affiliate marketing. The first way is through PPC or pay per click. This will render a specific amount of money for every click that is done for the product. This doesn’t require you to sale anything. You will find that your goal is to keep the customer interested. Secondly, you can use PPA or pay per action. This is simply done when you get others to join a sit or give a review or even purchase something. The customer has to do something in order for you to get paid for it. Then there is PPS or pay per sale. This is simply where you get paid for each sale that you make.


Affiliate marketing refers to a method of advertising, selling and marketing products on-line through an affiliate program where a webmaster joins in with a merchant to sell their product. It is a highly efficient, yet cost friendly way to create both awareness and sales of a particular website, brand or product.


Google is not considered to be affiliate marketing, because they don’t sell anything or push something to be purchased. Basically it is ad space.



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