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Promoting an online Irish Gift Store

If you are the owner of an online Irish Gifts Store, you are going to be very aware that targeted traffic is your bread and butter. In any niche online gift site, getting the keywords that convert to sales is the difference between staying open or closing.

Many Irish gift shops, like other businesses online, are operating in a space that is crowed with competitors. Targeting the main

Irish gifts online

Irish Gifts online

keywords can often be a long term project. If you are looking at increasing traffic to your online gift ship for a more immediate effect, then you need to target long tail keywords.

Long tail keywords are ones that have several words in the phrase, they are more specific and there kjkjjjeasier to rank well in. Aiming to be no.1 for a highly competitive word like “Irish gifts” is going to be significantly harder than aiming for”Unique Irish Gifts for baby”. Using the latter one as your anchor text means that Google will associate it with your site and improve your rankings accordingly.

This SEO method works best by using targeted longtail keywords, ones that customers are using. If you are wondering where to get these, then Google is your friend. Go to and type in the keyword that you want to look at. I typed in Irish gifts, and then looked at the suggested keyword phrases that it threw out. I wrote down Irish gifts online, gifts from Ireland, and no. of others. Once I played around with this for a few minutes I had 20 long tail key words. You should look at ones that are getting traffic, there is no point in working on a word that only has 5 searches a month

I went to the Google Adwords Keyword tool and typed in Irish gifts, and all the other words that I had developed and noted their traffic. Anything with a couple of hundred visitors a month was the threshold. I was also able to add in some new keywords.

These keywords are for integration in to site articles, guest posts and anchor text links. I also write articles on the site for each of them. I firmly believe that, given that one can easily write 4-5 articles a day, and that if each of these articles gets 2-3 visitors a day, that over a few months it will build up substantially. Also look at the types if Irish gifts that you are selling.  Work a long tail keyword in to each product description.

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