Hi My name is Gudmundur Joelsson  and I am born in Vestmann island  in the year 1958, how is located in south Iceland,did live there untill 1973 when it did come up there volcan eruption and all people did have to leave from the island ,some did go back after the eruption but I was not 1 of them.

I live now in Gardur small town ca 7 km from the capital Reykjavik. I did go to agriculture school and did work with that many years ,work in the  airport in Keflavik in load control and now I am working as a bus driver but hopefully can stop that soon to be my own boss by working from home .

I have many interest like travel,working on computer ,hiking,photographing,cooking.Have been travel to many country and like to go to places where I can see actually culture not usually tourist places.

I am now build up my internet business by promoting others product and this blog is about tips how we can use affiliate to earn some money.

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