May 09

Sneaky Affiliate Tricks

It is extremely difficult to get started in affiliate marketing. And that’s because you have a lot of other affiliates to compete with. The challenge is to try and outdo other affiliates and think of ways to do a better job promoting. It’s also hard to figure out what to do because there’s a lot of information out there. Here’s one trick that almost no one else is using.

Affiliate videos

No one would deny the power and popularity of video. Video online is everywhere because people love it. It’s so much easier to keep people’s attention with video. So why wouldn’t you use it in your affiliate business?

Examples of how to use video for affiliate marketing:

  • Testimonials
  • Walk-throughs
  • Do an ordering video
  • Record a preview of the members area

Record your testimonial

This one is super simple. Just click record on your web cam and start talking. It doesn’t have to be professional or polished. Just seeing another real person endorsing a product helps your viewers decide to buy. And honestly, if you mess up it just makes it seem more authentic. You really can just click record and start talking. And if you don’t want to show your face, use one of the next ideas.

Do a video walk-through

This one is a little more subtle. Basically you’re doing a tutorial on how to use the product. And in the process you’re actually selling the product. If it’s useful, then what you’re teaching just makes people want it. So, obviously, pick a good product to demo.


This one is killer! Do a screen capture of the ordering process. Nothing inspires your viewers to buy like watching you do it. First of all it’s what’s called “social proof”. People will feel more comfortable buying after seeing you do it. This also makes your viewers trust you. Your advice is easier to trust if they can see you’re doing what you tell them to do. And finally, it creates envy. They see you getting the satisfaction of making the purchase and that makes them want it. To really cap this one off, end your video with: If you want to see the inside, you’ll have to order it yourself.

Record a preview of the members area

Here’s an easy way to show the value of the product. You do a tour of the members area. You show them the entire contents of what they get. And it helps soften the skeptics. Once they’ve seen the back-end, they know it’s real.

You can do this!

There’s no technical knowledge required. Anyone can create stunning videos with some easy-to-use software. The software really does all the work So there’s no need to even think about the technical side. Keep focused on the rewards:

  • More sales You will increase your affiliate sales when you start using videos. People like video, so start using it.
  • Lower refund rates You’ll also have less of your commissions taken back. Now they know what they get before they purchase. So, very few of them will cancel their order.
  • Outdo your competitors! This is such a simple technique. But only a very small percentage do it. So, you’ll be way ahead of the crowd.

Take your affiliate promotions to a higher level and getting started with this now. Not using video is detrimental to you business. So do it!

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