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The 6 Awesome Blog Monetization Ways

In this article I will present the best six ways to make money through your blog.But you need to know from the beginning that to make serious money, you need a lot of traffic quality. 10 visitors per day you will not make even 1 euro per month:) So, here are six ways:

1) AdSense

That’s probably one of the most popular blog monetization methods and sometimes can be very effective. On this blog I wrote several articles about how to optimize your blog for AdSense. Unfortunately, Romanian blogs (with content in Romanian) not really make a substantial income from AdSense, because the CPC is very low. Although there are advertisements that pay tens of euros, most of the ads you get a few cents. You must be very careful if you think it is worth stressing your readers with ads for a few cents. But if your blog is about an area like insurance or loans, you could get money from AdSense frumusei.

2) Affiliate Programs

Affiliate marketing is to promote a product of another person in exchange for a commission. Probably the best known affiliate program is clickbank , which has many campaigns available, some with fee and 20%. To get big money from affiliate programs, you need a blog niche focused only on one field.

If you say you have a fashion blog, you can enter CB, you make an account, enter the campaign manager, go to the fashion category and apply to all campaigns. Even if all the products you promote, you should be enrolled in all campaigns, in case you ever want to promote another product. You’ll find some companies offering lower commissions, larger ones. Also, be careful and time of recurrence. Ideally choose a campaign that gives commission larger and has a recurrence period of at least 3 months.

Also, there are some campaigns that offer lower commission, but convert better. For that, you can follow the blog as do many case studies and statistics provide the most profitable campaigns. Sometimes it is better to join in a campaign that offers only a 5% commission, say, but the conversion rate is 5 times higher than any other program that offers 10% commission.

3) Selling your own product

If you own a product, for example an e-book, you can make big money promoting your product blog. Here it is important to have a niche blog, because, as you have an audience interested in a specific area as with the greater will be the conversion rate. Of course, for that will have your blog cicitorii to trust you and be pleased with your articles. To be successful, you must show your readers that you are an expert in the field, so you’ll convince yourself that you deserve to buy the product. It also matters a lot and how you promote your e-book site, but we’ll talk about that in another article.

4) Selling advertising space on site

This is another great way of monetization of the blog, with pretty good results and new. Com. The idea is that if you have an interesting blog with high traffic or at least as, if you can find companies and individuals to give you a certain amount per month for placing a banner on your site. The most common places for placement of banners are:

at the top, a banner or leaderboard 468×60 size (728×90). Usually these banners you can ask for more money because they are positioned at the top of the page and will get many clicks
in the sidebar, 125×125 banners dimenisiuni in general. Some are already optimized wordpress themes for such banners, but you can find free plugins for it.
in the articles, or their end. These banners will be the most expensive, as they that the more exposure and will probably get the most clicks.
5) Selling Links

One other effective method that can bring tens of euros every month without you doing any thing, is to sell links on your site. Usually you place these links in thesidebar or footer, so they are visible on all pages on the site. Here, price depends heavily on PageRank that it has the first page of your site. As have a higher PageRank, the more money you can ask for a link. Also, the traffic influence the price of a link,but usually those who buy these links, do the benefits of SEO, not for traffic.

6) sponsored

This method requires slightly more effort than the previous one, but is also quite effective. If you have a blog with high traffic and eventually have a pretty good PageRank, you can write sponsored, or reviews at various sites for a fee. The disadvantage is that usually you will have to write that article and you will be paid only once, as opposed to selling links, which will bring you money every month. If you want to make money from sponsored, you can register on blogmoney.com, you make a blogger account, register your blog and then applied to the campaign. Pay attention to the amount you bid. There are many bloggers who are willing to write sponsored for very small amounts of money, so be careful not to bid too much, otherwise you will not be accepted.

Bloggers who are searching for info about the niche of free traffic, please go to the web site which is quoted right in this passage.

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