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The Best Places To Blog From

Blogging is one of the most modern and bohemian careers out there. Not only is this a creative pastime, allowing you to make money from expressing yourself and sharing your views, but it is also a way of working that allows you to be untethered from the office and to take your job with you wherever you like. You’re free to go where you please, writing about it as you do, and making a living from your own smarts. Cool huh?

Only most bloggers don’t really tend to make the most of this and they will instead spend most of their time sitting at home on the couch in their underwear. It’s at times like this that running a website can actually feel a bit of a miserable job, so it’s time to get out there and really start experiencing the world while you write. Let’s look at the best ways to do that…


The great thing about blogging for a living is that it lets you work on the go and lets you see the world. How many people have you spoken to who wished they could travel but just can’t because they can’t get the time off? Don’t squander this opportunity: buy a cheap laptop and a rucksack and try travelling around the world as you work. If you go by coach and use couch surfer then it can be incredibly cheap and you’ll get a lot of work done.

Coffee Shops

Of course you can’t always be on the road – it’s just not practical unfortunately. If you want to really make the most of your freedom then on a day-to-day basis, then an easier place to sit and type is a coffee shop. This way you get the great vibe of the coffee shop with people clattering and chatting around you, you get the taste of the coffee/tea and you get the opportunity to network with other like-minded entrepreneurs.


Libraries are like coffee shops for working… only free. This is of course a big bonus and you’ll also benefit from the inspiration that comes from being surrounded by books and other tributes to literature and education. It’s a studious and quiet place to get some serious work done. If you’re ever in London consider checking out the British Library – it’s perhaps my favourite place I’ve ever worked.

A Friend’s Couch

One downside of blogging full time is that it can be a lonely experience and you might miss the camaraderie that comes from those ‘water fountain chats’ that you always hear about. This needn’t be the case though, as it’s actually perfectly viable to have an active social life while you work online: you just need to find a friend’s couch to relax on who isn’t at work and explain to them that you won’t be able to chat the whole time but that you’d appreciate the company. Another option is to meet friends for lunch in town.


All that said, it is sometimes a great feeling to work from home, particularly when you’re tired. Create a great home office, stock your fridge and then feel smug when your friends have to step out into the cold at 7am…

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