Apr 29

Traffic is King, but this comes FIRST

Visitors to your site are critical – getting them there automatically is even better. Here’s how…

But, first…

Before you begin trying to get traffic to your site, you need to do your keyword research first. This is because you will building your traffic funnels around specific keywords. So you need to make sure the keywords you’re targeting are worth targeting.

Here are the important considerations for your research:

  • Will you be able to rank for these keywords? This involves doing some competitive analysis to determine the ease of entry for each keyword
  • Will the keywords you’re targeting bring buyers? If you don’t do your research you’ll end up with a lot of traffic that doesn’t buy from you. This is not what you’re looking for.
  • What about affiliates? If you want to build a huge business, you’re going to need affiliates to help you. So make sure you are also targeting keywords to attract affiliates.

Of course, this all takes time if you plan to do it yourself. And hiring an expert is very expensive. And that’s why most people skip this step! What I recommend is using website traffic software to save the time of doing it yourself and the money of hiring someone else. This will not only speed it up. It will give you better results, as well.

OK, now we can talk about traffic…

Once you’ve done your properly keyword research, you’re now ready to start targeting these keywords to draw in visitors.

Here’s a short list of sneaky traffic techniques:

  • Something you may not have ever considered is Surveys
  • “Answer” Sites
  • Video Sharing Sites


People love filling in surveys. And if you make it interesting, other people will post your survey on their website. They benefit by getting free content for their site and you get a link to your site under the survey. Think about that – you get website traffic for free just for making a survey! This is a sneaky little idea that most people never even think of. So, get creative and make up a survey that’s wacky to get other people interested in putting it on their sites.

“Traffic Traps”

Maybe you’ve seen these help sites where people post questions and other people answer them. But, like the surveys, that’s not why you’re going to pay attention to these sites. You are going to generate traffic, leads and sales from them. Of course, the process of digging through these sites and pulling out the content info of leads for your business is very time consuming. The good news is that it’s easy to find website traffic software that can do this automatically. Then you just get a daily batch of fresh leads delivered to your inbox.

Video Websites

Another great resource is video sharing sites like YouTube. In fact, YouTube has over 2 billion videos watched per day! If you’re not taking advantage of this rich source of website traffic, then you are really missing out.

And don’t worry if you don’t have any idea of how to make a video. You can even take a webpage or article that you’ve written. Then simply record yourself reading the text and you video the screen with a simple screen capture program. You can even get software that will automatically do this for you.

In Closing

It’s not that hard to get traffic to your websites. Just be a creative and think outside the box a bit. You can even use software to automate most of what we’ve talked about.

Get started right away:

  • Do your keyword research
  • Then create some surveys born to go viral
  • Make sure to use the “answer” sites
  • Capitalize on video!

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