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Using Pay Per Click Methods Within Your Affiliate Marketing Business

There are four basic types of search engines, and PPC (pay per click) is one of these four. PPC is an exceptionally useful means to send targeted traffic to your website. Forbes Magazine states that roughly 8 billion dollars will be spent in PPC advertising in 2008.

Below is a straightforward outline of how PPC search engines work.

PPC search engines generate listings that are based on keyword phrases that people are utilizing in their internet searches. Webmasters who are seeking to market their sites will bid against other website owners for every keyword phrase. Each one of these phrases will have a number one spot, then a second and third spot, and so on. The successful bidder for the number one spot will show up at the top of the search for that keyword phrase. The identical thing occurs for the successful bidder of the second and third spots, and, well you get the idea. Ultimately then, when someone types one of the keyword phrases which were bid on within a search engine, the pay per click listings will show up first. You can tell which results are pay per click because they will be marked as sponsored links. These sponsored pay per clicks will either be in a shaded area at the top of the search result or in a sidebar on the right (and occasionally both).

One other place that pay per click ads will show up is within the Google Adsense system. You will often observe these on web sites in a separate box with the notation: “advertisements by Google”. In the end then, when a person clicks on an ad, the original website owner who bid on this ad is charged the bid amount. This expense can be as low as 1 or two cents, or as high as a dollar or more, depending on the popularity of the keyword phrase.

OK, let’s see how we are able to use PPC to earn money using an affiliate marketing website.

First of all, you can utilize PPC to drive instant targeted traffic to your website. In this scenario, you will be one of the website owners outlined above who will bid on keyword phrases. As soon as you have an account with a specific PPC search engine, and you finalize your keyword bidding, your ads will go live very quickly (commonly the same day). Whenever somebody does a keyword phrase check in their preferred search engine, and this keyword phrase matches one of the phrases you bid on, your site will show up on page one (normally at the top) for that search. If the customer clicks on your advertisement, they will be sent directly to your website and you will be charged the bid quantity. In this way, you can acquire virtually instantaneous traffic to your site. Keep in mind, though, that you need to have a budget for this approach.

The second method which you can develop to make cash utilizing pay per click is by placing Google Adsense within you site. Before I carry on, I would like to spell out a few of terms for you. Google Adwords is the Google pay per click search engine. Google Adsense is the marketing platform that you see on a lot of websites (and the ads here are pay per click). You can sign up with Google Adsense for no charge, and with a slight bit of work, you can have their ads running in a sidebar on your website. This is an additional income stream for you. If a guest doesn’t purchase one of your affiliate products, they may click on one of the google advertisements. If they click on a google advertisement, you will be compensated for this click through. Google will automatically position ads that are only applicable to your website. As soon as Google Adsense is set up on your website, you don’t have to do anything to maintain it. Usually, the people who click Google Ads on your site are not interested in your products so they will depart and by no means come back. You may as well make a small amount of cash from them on the click, before they leave. Typically, Google will pay you between 30 to 80% of the advertisers’ bid amount.

In closing, you will positively want to include pay per click into your overall promotional method at some stage. Even though it will cost capital to administer a pay per click promotion campaign, the pay off should be a lot greater if you go about it in the proper way. Additionally, if you want to integrate Google Adsense into your website, it is totally free so you have nothing to lose. Good luck with your online affiliate marketing program.

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