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Why not plant a Memorial Tree

Why not plant a Memorial Tree

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 A memorial treE is a wonderful way to commemorate a life that was lived, with passion, with beauty. What is more wonderful than watching a tree, a living thing, planted in memory of someone, blowing in the wind. Proud and defiant, a symbol  that will never die. A connection between the person and the earth, though gone from this world still linked to it.

Memorial Trees

What a place to  contemplate their life, to remember the good times but under a memorial tree planted in their memory. As it grows, so do you, plants and birds live in and around it. It becomes one with nature. The Celts believed that God was in everything, every single living thing, was a manifestation of the divine. It is easy to see why they felt that this was the case, when one enjoys the majesty of a beautiful tree and how it fits in to nature. 

So the sense of a memorial tree as something divine, some that represents more than just a plant has always informed me, and it is why when I set acorns that I had collected in a wood in Ireland that upon their growing  I gave them to friends and family as gifts to mark out special occasions in their lives, whether they were good or sad. Our memories and memorials do not always have to be markers of sad occasions but a celebration of life and existence, whatever form it takes. I think it is interesting, that as I sit here in upstate New York, that 14 trees that thought they would grow in Ireland are now here. Plant a tree memorial for a person, for a people that were forced out of their own land for hundreds of years. Symbolism attaches itself very readily to memorial trees.
Memorial Trees truly stand out as a unique gift.

So next occasion that is a marker in your life, plant a tree to remember it. In time it will be beautiful and be appreciated by others, and that in itself is a wonderful achievement.  



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