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Why You Don’t Know Nearly Enough About Your Visitors

If you want to be a good webmaster, then one of the most important things to do is to spend time getting to know your visitors. These are the people who fund your site and make your job possible, and they are the people who you are creating your site and your content for. If you forget them, then your site will flounder with no one to read it, and you’ll only end up pleasing the bots.

While most bloggers and webmasters recognise the importance of knowing their visitors though, many do not spend time really getting to know them. Generally we create a site in a particular niche and it’s safe to assume that our readers are a particular type who appreciate that niche, but just guessing at their age and their location is far from being enough. Read on to find out what else you should be learning about them and how this can help you to create a perfect website.

Knowing Their Hopes and Dreams

This might sound a little extreme, but rather than just knowing your visitors’ basic stats, you should also understand their hopes, their dreams and their personalities. The reason for this is that it’s only by knowing what your visitors want out of life that you can appeal to them on an emotional level. And it’s only by appealing to them on an emotional level that you can get them to become true fans of your site and get them to spend a decent amount of time, energy and money there.

For instance, if you write a fitness site then you won’t get much from knowing just the location and the monitor size of your visitors. Instead you should understand who they are, what they want from life and how you can help them obtain that.

Because that’s really what you’re selling. When you write a fitness site you are selling a better lifestyle. You are selling better health, more respect from peers and more luck with the opposite sex. That’s the real reason that people come to your site, and it’s what will make them really excited to be there.

Knowing this, then allows you to market and promote your site in the right way – by showing off the lifestyle change that you are touting both in your images and in your content. Then your website will affect them on an emotional level, and you’ll get an entirely different level of commitment.

Knowing Their Personalities

Likewise, you will also want  try to get  know your visitors in terms of their personalities. What makes them laugh? What are their political views? Knowing this is useful too, because it allows you to write content that you know will appeal to them. Once you understand their sense of humour for instance, you can write jokes that will actually make them smile. Once you know what their other interests are, you’ll know how you can stray from the main topic of your site while still keeping them interested.

In short, if you don’t know your visitors like you know yourself, or at least like you know your friends, then it’s time you got to know them that way.

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