May 17

Work At Home F.A.Q.’s About Being A Virtual Assistant

More people nowadays are becoming involved in virtual customer service pursuits. This is a job that you can work at home answering incoming phone calls.

People have questions about this type of work, so we are providing the answers. Answers to questions regarding equipment needed as well as skills required are presented below. Answers about the nature of this work are also presented to you.

What exactly is a virtual assistant?

Virtual assistant-Usually this is a type of customer service representative position that is fulfilled, only at home. Usually this requires a secure, fast Internet connection as well as the right computer phone technology. Often a person is hired on by a company directly or works as an independent contractor.

Basically it is someone who has similar duties as someone who would work in a call center. They might answer phone, take orders, or perform simple bookkeeping tasks. The main difference is that they work at home rather than on the premises of an employer.

Is this really a legitimate line of work?

It is no wonder you would ask this question, considering all the marketing scams out there. It is a legitimate work at home opportunity, but beware of companies that try to charge you to find these jobs. Those supposed “headhunters” if you will are often making you pay for something you should be able to find for free.

How do I apply to become a virtual assistant?

The application process is similar to that of any job. You will out an online or paper application and then you take proficiency tests (typing, writing, language, and computer tests). You also may be required to take a background check and a credit check as well as drug testing.

What kind of equipment is needed?

Usually you need a computer, land line phone (or sometimes a computer VOIP or Internet phone), and a quiet place to work. The needs for each type of position are very different, though. You are going to need to check in with each company to learn what exactly is required for each type of position.

Will anyone be in charge of me?

There is a management that you report to, but usually you work on your own. If you so choose, you could start your own call center and become a self-employed virtual assistant company. If you are self-employed you would be your own but if you work for a company you may occasionally have to report to management, at least to get your paycheck.

Who hires call center or virtual assistant services?

Just about any company who needs an extra helping hand in the customer service department might use these services. Businesses representing just about every industry may use these services, such as dental offices, insurance companies, floral shops, wedding planners, and more.

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